What is Biophotonics? Biophotonics is the application of optics and photonics to biology; in basic research, diagnostics and biomedical intervention. It is a transdisciplinary field which relates to physics (optics, photonics), chemistry (spectroscopy, chromophores, nanomaterials), biology, biochemistry, medicine (DNA, proteins, cells, tissues, organisms), engineering (instrumentation) and ethics (in medicine, biology, environment and research). Why study […]

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Studying Biophotonics Registration Why biophotonics? Biophotonics is at the core of societal, economic and technological issues. It has revolutionized the life sciences and medicine: therapeutic applications using light are more and more widespread; new optical imaging techniques make the human body transparent and pave the way for the exploration of the infinitely small. Optics are

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Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal


Researchers Antoine Allard, physics, physical engineering and optics Systems science and complex networks Mathematical epidemiology Statistical physics Claudine Allen, physics, physical engineering and optics Nanocrystal synthesis Study of the quantal excitonic and photonic properties of nanocrystals Optimization of nanocrystals and their biofunctionalization with encapsulation Imaging and spectroscopy in biological media Philippe Archambault, biology Marine biodiversity

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